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Honey Comb Acrylic Napkin Rings (set of 6)

Honey Comb Acrylic Napkin Rings (set of 6)

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Enhance your Rosh Hashanah table with our Honey Comb Acrylic Napkin Rings. Crafted with precision and adorned with honey comb designs, these rings elegantly secure your napkins. Drawing inspiration from the bee's symbolism of unity and diligence, they infuse your table with deeper meaning. Durable and thoughtfully designed, these napkin rings perfectly complement your festive decor, enriching your celebrations.

  • Timeless elegance with modern charm


To maintain the beauty and durability of your acrylic napkin rings, it is important follow these care instructions:

  • GENTLE CLEANING: Clean the napkin rings with a soft, disposable lint-free cloth and mild soap water.
  • AVOID HEAT: Do not place hot dishes, cookware, or utensils on the napkin rings.
  • AVOID ABRASIVE MATERIALS: Do not use paper towels, scrubbers, or polyester or rayon wipes as they can scratch the finish.
  • AVOID HARSH CHEMICALS: Do not use window or countertop cleaners or solvents such as rubbing alcohol.
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