We are Sobre Meza, a table linen brand founded with a passion for the tradition of setting the table and cooking. We believe that gathering around the table and sharing a meal is a beautiful way to give and receive love, and we set out to create a brand that would modernize this tradition and make it accessible to everyone.


We strive to inspire joy around your table by offering beautifully designed and versatile products that are easy to use and wash. We design and manufacture unique details like: charger covers, table linens and more.

100% Hand Made

We are passionate about details. That's why we pay close attention to every step of our manufacturing process. Our products are handmade, guaranteeing the best quality.

Our Materials

Our choice of top quality and easy-to-clean machine washable materials, the selection of top class handmade products and our delicate packaging make our products unique among our satisfied customers.

We are a modern and approachable brand that combines the beauty of tradition with the practicality of modern life. Our focus on easy-to-care products makes us the perfect choice for anyone who loves entertaining and wants to elevate their table-setting game. Our products are designed in-house to ensure that they are both functional and stylish, making us a popular choice among customers who appreciate our combination of tradition, modern style, and practicality.

Our products can be found in various shops, and customers love to share their table setting creations. They appreciate the easy-to-care nature of our textiles, as well as our unique designs and quality materials. Whether they're hosting a special occasion or just enjoying a casual meal with family, we have the perfect table linens to suit the occasion.

About us

We are Sobre Meza, a brand that celebrates the beauty and tradition of gathering around the table while modernizing it for the practicality of modern life. With our expansion to the United States, we continue to grow and share our love for the art of setting the table with even more people, making us a popular choice among customers who appreciate our combination of tradition, modern style, and practicality.

  • Easy Care

    Hassle-free and convenient linens.

  • Modern Style

    Elegant and stylish designs.

  • Handcrafted Quality

    Exceptional craftsmanship from Costa Rica.

  • Versatile Occasions

    Sophisticated linens for any event.

  • Premium Materials

    Linens designed for easy care and minimal upkeep

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