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Candy Cane Acrylic Napkin Rings (set of 6)

Candy Cane Acrylic Napkin Rings (set of 6)

Set of 6

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Add a sweet twist to your table setting with our Candy Cane Acrylic Napkin Rings. Featuring charming candy cane designs, these rings bring a playful and festive touch to your holiday gatherings. Crafted from high-quality acrylic, they are both whimsical and elegant.

  • Timeless elegance with modern charm


To maintain the beauty and durability of your acrylic napkin rings, it is important follow these care instructions:

  • GENTLE CLEANING: Clean the napkin rings with a soft, disposable lint-free cloth and mild soap water.
  • AVOID HEAT: Do not place hot dishes, cookware, or utensils on the napkin rings.
  • AVOID ABRASIVE MATERIALS: Do not use paper towels, scrubbers, or polyester or rayon wipes as they can scratch the finish.
  • AVOID HARSH CHEMICALS: Do not use window or countertop cleaners or solvents such as rubbing alcohol.
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